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Ask, Search, Knock came from the good Lord above.  I have been using my personal facebook page as my own little ministry hoping to plant a seed of faith or just to help those in need of a comforting word from a fellow Christian. I am now at the point of feeling comfortable to pray aloud so I find it easier to write down my prayers.  However, I generalize my facebook posts so that specific personal information is kept between me and God so I summarize or generalize my prayers in the hopes that hearing what I am going through will help others with the same thoughts or prayers showing them that they are not alone. I want to expand to not only sharing prayers but to also help those in need to find resources needed when they are struggling. I also want to use this blog to share biblical resources as well.  I struggle at understanding what God’s word means sometimes and I find by researching and talking with my best friend it helps to put God’s word into perspective and how it relates to my life or situation. I hope that you too will find the help you need for your walk with God that I have found with mine.

My name is Jennifer Gwaltney.  I am married to my best friend and together we have 5 energetic, smart, athletic, and awesome children. God has blessed us in many ways.  He has been right beside us in all of our good times and our bad times.  I know that I am growing in my faith and I am ready to take the next step to strengthen my faith even more and to be a better child of God.

I have recently found a blogging site called A Proverbs Wife. I have been reading the posts from that site to become a better wife by researching what God says I need to do in regards to being a better wife.  I don’t think I am a bad wife, I just think I could be better and enjoy reading God’s word in whatever capacity it leads me.  A Proverbs Wife Blog has inspired me to take my personal ministry on facebook to the next level and expand it to the next level by reaching more of God’s children with the hope of  bringing them home to our father in heaven.


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